La Luna Hotel — Mega Truss Lifting


Jan 30, 2020

Written by:

Elnur Nuraliyev

Photo by:

Nnamdi Okebugwu


In October 2019, URBN Limited and its partner companies lifted the mega truss, completing the iconic crescent shape of what’s going to be an ultra-luxury hotel at Crescent Bay. Mega truss of 72 meters in length and 2600 tonnes in weight was lifted to the height of 120 meters, what is truly the world’s first. Greater weights were lifted to lesser heights, lesser weights were lifted to greater heights, but nobody has ever lifted such weight to such height before. 

The best companies and experts were involved to make this happen. Urban’s main partner in the process was ALE, a world leader in lifting.

The weather was a critical factor in raising the mega truss. Baku is a city of winds, which was a real challenge, because the lifting required the most windless weather. Therefore, daily weather forecasts were obtained, and appropriate measurements were made. Several go-no-go meetings were held before the final decision on the lifting was made.

Crescent Bay is one of the most ambitious mixed-use developments in Post-Soviet region. Iconic architecture, one-of-a-kind engineering, and scale makes Crescent Bay a project of global importance and visibility. Consisting of the ultra-luxury hotel, the residential tower, the office tower and the mall, it’s currently expected to open in the March of 2021.