Shaping cities Inspiring nations

Welcome to URBN.

Value creation and profitability are at the core of any real estate development project we undertake.

The initial URBN process considers the big picture and from this point forward being able to identify, define and manage profitability through to completion.

Our unique mix of international and local expertise gives URBN unmatched skills to create an unrivalled team in the CIS and Central Asia — to our knowledge there is no other company like URBN in this region that understands the multiple languages and cultures. Our integrated specialist teams of internationally qualified and experienced professionals create a complete professional real estate eco system. All our specialist teams and their skills are the URBN difference.

URBN is an independently audited ISO 9001 quality approved company and our systems and processes are at the highest international standards.

From the design and build of simple housing communities to the most complex smart cities and everything in between. Indeed, URBN are flexible and can deploy one, some or all of our specialty teams depending upon the requirements of the developers or investors.

Passion and commitment to achieving successful and sustainable projects define who we are.